Where’s the Editor?  

I have to wonder if the editor reads Mr. Brown’s column before printing it. His recent “endorsement” of Rand Paul was extremely inappropriate. In these violent times, the metaphor regarding a grenade at high mass was disgusting.
– Terry Redden, 40204

Motorized Wheelchairs
I understand how important motorized wheelchairs are for people with mobility issues. However, there is an issue that needs attention, which is the use of these devices on city streets. 
Traveling east on Oak Street near the intersection of Preston Street, there is a curve where the average speed is 35 miles per hour. As I entered the curve, there was a lady traveling west on Oak Street in her motorized wheelchair. Keep in mind that Oak Street is one-way heading east. Had there been a vehicle next to me I would not have been able to avoid her and the results would have been tragic.
Motorized wheelchairs are not designed for travel on roadways. The city of Louisville strives to make our sidewalks accessible for all people; there is no reason for these vehicles to be on the street other than in a crosswalk. 
Hopefully, the media and Metro Council will address this issue before it’s too late and someone gets hurt.
– Michael A. Sewell, 40204

Neighborly Thing To Do
Recently, I stepped out on the front porch of St. Catherine Convent Retirement Home on Tyler Lane. There in the corner was a brand new broom with a note attached. I was so touched by the thoughtfulness expressed that I wanted to share it ...
“Dear Sisters, I have seen you sweeping your front porch with your little broom. It reminded me of my grandmother, who used to make that her daily ritual. I thought this big new broom might make your day a little easier. I hope you enjoy using it. Sincerely, A Neighbor.” 
What a great example of true neighborliness. Such a simple act, but what joy it brought to all of us when I shared that note with all the retired Sisters. (It’s a great broom!)
– Sister Paulanne Diebold, RSM, 40205