No Yard Waste Pickup

I wrote (online e-mail) to the Metro Solid Waste Department on March 1 about NO yard waste pickup two weeks ago (the week of Feb. 21-27) in our Tyler Park area, specifically the 1200/1300 blocks of Eastern Parkway/Royal Ave./Hill Ave./Dahlia Drive/Summit Ave. area (the area on the west side of the Medical Arts Building on Eastern Parkway near Barret). I received no reply. 
Last week (Feb. 28-Mar. 6), we AGAIN had no yard waste pickup in this area. I then used the online MetroCall service request, but again, no reply nor action. 
With all the trees in our neighborhoods, almost all cans, bags and boxes on some streets and alleys are full most every week, even in cold weather. The number of cans we have is limited, thus we need those containers emptied, so we can fill them again for the following week’s pickup.
After AT LEAST two and a half weeks, maybe more, with no yard waste pickups, would you please use your government contacts to see why this is occurring. I and my neighbors have had no luck with this. Yard waste is piling up all over the area because the once-per-week YARD WASTE pickups are not happening. 
– Richard Montgomery, 40204 

Editor’s Note: Mr. Montgomery’s letter was forwarded to District 8 Councilman Tom Owen. The problem is addressed in the following response.

Response from Councilman Owen’s Office
Thank you for giving Councilman Owen the opportunity to respond to Mr. Montgomery’s concern about the missed yard waste pick-up at the end of February/beginning of March. Councilman Owen sends this reply:
“‘Missed Yard Waste Pickups’ are normally reported to Solid Waste by MetroCall without calling the citizen back. When Mr. Montgomery contacted Solid Waste, the presumption was that the material would be picked up on the next weekly cycle, which in Mr. Montgomery’s case was Friday. However, two consecutive Fridays in late February were significant snow days with many Solid Waste drivers being pulled off their recycling/yard waste routes to operate salt spreaders and plows. Solid Waste caught up with yard waste pick-ups within the following two weeks. 
I ask for Mr. Montgomery’s indulgence in the face of these unusual circumstances, and in the future suggest he also contact my office.”  
– Carolyn Cromer, staff helper, District 8, (502) 574-1108

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