magic kentucky porch moment

late hot humid may evening
we sat
on the limestone porch
ten-foot greek columned pillars

severe storm drawing closer closer
upon us
mountainous lightning strikes booming
    jarring thunder pounding rain

he read his emotional tearful
tribute to bob dylan
‘bout life-changing music how
it saved his soul
helped him
made him who he is

mellowed seduced soothed by glasses
of cabernet vodka on the rocks
we took it in
nodded bowed heads
related how it was the same

for all of us
baby boomers
products of the
defiant bydamngonnamakeitbetter
reminisced recalled relived
another long ago time
now time
forever time

magic moment to remember
magic kentucky porch moment
never to leave be gone time

forever magic moment
to remember


at mcdonald’s
crazed staring wild abandoned eyes
not seeing gesturing pointing
rocking talking to himself
himself whispering
laughing unselfconsciously
uproariously hysterically
uncontrollably laughing laughing
laughing at himself at others 
at the world the universe
at anything at everything
laughing outside laughing inside   
cries screams tormented agonizing

heart wrenching terrible penetrating
deep deep unheard silent screams
silent screams buried buried covered
    deep inside

inside loud screams aching trying
striving to get out incessant maddening
stuffed lost far inside loud beyond
sound screams

only way only possible way
to release everlasting screams inside
laugh hard laugh hard outside
laugh laugh lunatic crazed
crazy wisdom laugh laugh laugh

stranger on the street

on the sunday street a stranger
someone i had never seen
    abruptly unexpectedly stopped me

it seems more rain is coming he remarked
yes it’s been endless i politely agreed

without taking a deep breath stopping for
an instant he continued quickly talking
    afraid i would turn not hear him walk away

said it had been a happy easter he had
learned his sister gave birth to triplets in
paducah this morn

how beautiful the baby girls were reported
to be how he couldn’t wait to hold see them
they were a blessing gift precious to him his family

excited exuberant joyful unable to contain
glee happiness he needed had to tell share
with someone anyone news he received today                                       
stranger on the street

Nancy Bruner Wilson holds degrees from Berea College in Kentucky and from Tulane University Graduate School of Social Work in New Orleans. She was a medical social worker for the American Red Cross and served a year in an air evacuation hospital in Vietnam during the height of the war. Nancy also worked for the New York City  Department of Social Services in the South Bronx. Today, she is retired from the Kentucky Department of Social Services and has lived with her husband Howard Wilson, an artist, on Cherokee Road for the past 25 years. Nancy and Howard have published a book titled “breaking out” featuring her poetry and his artwork. “I have always written in my head but began to put words on paper a few years ago to satisfy a long desired ambition,” says Nancy. “It fulfills a creative need like nothing has before.” Nancy can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .